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Welcome to MoldSilo.com, a website dedicated to selling high-quality fondant molds to home cooks and professional candy makers. We offer a wide selection of molds, including traditional shapes such as hearts and squares, as well as designs that include text embossing and are suitable for chocolate candy. Whether you are an experienced candy maker or just starting out, we have the products to help you on your way to success.

All of MoldSilo.com’s molds are made from durable food-grade materials that can withstand high temperatures and repeated use. You can be sure that your fondant can be easily released from the mold and that the mold can withstand multiple batches of fondant making.

We care about our customers’ shopping experience with us, and we have a great customer service team ready to help our customers. If you have a common question, you can find the answer on our FAQ page, or you can contact us via email (contact@moldsilo.com) or phone to address any questions or concerns.

Contact Infos:

Customer Support: -24/7-

Email: contact@moldsilo.com

Phone: +86 16535533188

Address: 106 Jinling Hotel Asia Pacific Tower, No. 2, Hanzhong Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210005, China

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