How to use tablet coating machine to wrap sugar coating

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This article explains how to use the coating machine to apply sugar coating.

Wrap the isolation layer

Take qualified vegetarian tablets, sieve off the fine powder, and wrap 2 isolation layers with gelatin syrup. Put the tablets in the pot, make the pot rotate, add the right amount of gelatin syrup, stir with the help of hand (wearing rubber cover), make it evenly dispersed on the surface of all the tablets, then add the right amount of talcum powder, continue stirring, make it evenly attached to the surface of the tablets. Then blow hot air (temperature 30℃-50℃) to make the water in the gum syrup evaporate and dry the isolation layer on the surface of the tablet. After drying, wrap the second isolation layer in turn, so that all the tablets are wrapped tightly and firmly.

Preparation of gum syrup (50kg tablet core)

200g gelatin plus 1000ml water, heated and boiled into gelatin syrup; 5kg sucrose plus 2000ml water stirred, dissolved, boiled for 3 minutes to make it into monosaccharide syrup, gum syrup and monosaccharide syrup mixed evenly into gum syrup.

Wrapping powder coating layer

The operation will continue to rotate in the pot of the tablets to add the appropriate amount of warm syrup, stirring, so that all the tablets evenly wet, and then sprinkled with talcum powder, so that it is evenly attached to the surface of the tablets, followed by blowing hot air to make it dry quickly. Repeat the above steps until all the corners of the tablet core disappear and become round and smooth. A total of 12-15 layers are wrapped.

Preparation of sugar syrup

Make monosyrup by adding 2000ml of water to 5kg of cane sugar (50kg of cores need about 20kg of cane sugar and 8000ml of water to make monosyrup). Sugar should be made from dry granular crystals with less impurities, and the syrup should be prepared on the spot. Do not use the syrup with long storage time, as the syrup with long storage time is easy to produce conversion sugar, which is not easy to dry, and at the same time, it will make the surface of the tablet rough and produce flower spots, which is not easy to lighten.

Wrapping sugar coating layer

The operation method is basically the same as that of powder coating layer, but the coating material only uses syrup instead of talcum powder. Operation each time after adding syrup to stop blowing, to be slightly dry on the surface of the tablets and then heating, blowing, general wind temperature control at about 40 ℃, so that the syrup in the surface of the tablets slowly dry, the formation of fine sucrose crystal layer, a total of 9 layers.

Wrap the colored sugar-coating layer

The operation method is to add different concentrations of medicinal lemon yellow syrup on the tablets after wrapping the sugar coating layer, first with light-colored ones, and gradually with dark-colored ones until the colored syrup is added. A total of 10 layers are wrapped, and 12g of lemon yellow syrup is used for each 50kg of tablets.

Preparation of lemon yellow hot syrup

Prepare the thick syrup with strong color before use, and then dilute to the required concentration with single syrup when used, the concentration is about 0.03%.


This operation is carried out at room temperature. After adding the last colored syrup and when the tablet is about to dry, stop the rotation of the coating pot and keep the pot airtight, turning it over several times so that the remaining trace moisture is slowly dissipated. Then turn the pan and sprinkle two-thirds of the wax powder into the pan of the coating machine. Turn the coating machine so that the tablets rub against each other to produce a smooth surface, then slowly add the remaining wax powder and turn the coating machine until the coating of the tablets becomes shiny.


Move the sugar-coated tablets into the drying room and dry them with a dehumidifier for 24 hours.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!

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