Introduction to the basic principle of drying and the main pharmaceutical drying equipment

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Drying is an operation that uses heat to vaporize the moisture in a material and remove it. The moisture removed from the material is generally water or volatile components, such as ethanol. The air stream that carries away the moisture is generally air. The heating …

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What Are the Benefits of GMP Certification of a Tablet Workshop?

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When considering the benefits of GMP certification, you’ll want to make sure that the workshop you’re considering has been taught by a GMP-certified instructor. The training materials that the instructor provides should be accurate and conform to regulatory expectations. Additionally, the training must be documented. …

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GMP requirements for 5 tablet workshops (including plant, equipment, personnel, production and quality management)

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This article focuses on 5 different aspects of GMP requirements for tablet shops. The main contents of GMP are suitable to plant facilities, good technical equipment, and storage, and transportation conditions, trained and qualified staff, qualified raw and auxiliary materials, verified production methods in a …

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